Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anatomy of a Grade - Episode 04 - The Ring Halloween Spoof for

Here it is Episode #4 of Anatomy of a Grade! In this episode I take a look at an online Halloween commercial I recently graded for The spot was part of a series of 3 others that spoofed famous scenes from Horror Films (namely, The Ring, The Shining, and The Sixth Sense). Shot on the red camera, the original footage had a very neutral look to it and it had to be severely altered to achieve the blue/green high contrast look of The Ring that has become synonymous with the film. Below you can check out the webisode, as well as all three Disney Living Halloween Spots. These were a blast to work on, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anatomy of a Grade - Episode 3 - Correcting Underexposure with RED RAW

Very proud to announce episode 3 of The Anatomy of a Grade Web Series. This episode takes a look at a shot from the feature film "Trail of Blood" directed by Justin and Joseph Guerreri, shot by DP Collin Brink and executive produced by Gremlins Director Joe Dante. This shot was done at the end of the day with fading sunlight, but is supposed to look like it was done at midday with much brighter light levels and warmer tones. Using the power of the raw RED .r3d files we were able to dramatically change the look of this shot and make a seemingly unusable image work well for the film. Take a look!

Also check out the Trail of Blood website at where you can find out more about the film and view the trailer.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anatomy of a Grade - Episode 02 - Skin Tone Correction

Episode #2 of Anatomy of a Grade is up. In this episode we look at a cosmetic color correction from the short film "A Crossroad Called Manzanar" where an actors skin tone doesn't match the "look" we've set for the film. After a bit of primary and secondary correction (along with a bit of tracking) we're able to achieve some subtle yet substantial results! Take a look.

Again, you can check out more from a "Crossroad Called Manzanar" at

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Grade - Episode 01 - A Crossroad Called Manzanar

Well its finally here, Basher Films is proud to announce the "Anatomy of a Grade" web series! In this series we take a look at some of the tools, steps, and decision making strategies behind the color correction process. These videos are intended to give directors, producers, cinematographers, students, and even fellow colorists alike some insights into the often nefarious world of color correction and what's possible in the color suite. This is by no means a "tutorial" on how to color correct, instead this series focuses on specific examples from Basher Films current and past projects to illuminate techniques and strategies of color correction and break down the various steps that are combined to make a "color grade."

Episode 01 looks at a shot from the short film "A Crossroad Called Manzanar" directed by Cindy Fang and shot by cinemtographer Jay Visit. This short narrative period piece (shot on RED) takes a look at the Japanese internment on the west coast during WWII through the eyes of two young girls.

In the first episode we look at a particular shot that needed some signficant primary and secondary correction to achieve a "warm, late-day, sunset look."

If you liked what you see here you can check out and subscribe to future webisodes on the vimeo "Anatomy of a Grade" channel found here:

Also to learn more and check out the trailer for "A Crossroad Called Manzanar" visit the film's web page at:

"Finding God in the City of Angels" wins Audience Award at Urban World

Proud to announce that the documentary "Finding God in the City of Angels," which was color corrected at Basher Films, (and involved a bit of DP work by Chris Hall as well) won the audience award at the Urban World Film Festival in NY City last month. Congrats to directors Jennifer Jessum and Simon Joseph! You can check out the trailer here:

And check out the review published in the Huffington Post!

To learn more about the film check out the "Finding God in the City of Angels" Website: