Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Anatomy of a Grade - Episode 13 - The Importance of Color Contrast

After a few months hiatus, I finally put together another episode of "Anatomy of a Grade", and this time I'm tackling the importance of "color contrast" in a shot. Often times, I hear DP's, directors, and producers talk about how important the "contrast" of a shot is... and while they're very correct in that the contrast of a shot is indeed very important in giving a shot its "look"; the "color contrast" of a shot or a look is often times overlooked or simply misunderstood by many as being EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT in getting the most out of a grade. In this example I look at a spin off of the ever popular "California" look and discuss how a simple attention to color contrast can really make all the difference in selling a heavily stylized look like this. Take a look!